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Let us help you see what people are up to on your website.

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Export your data in tabular format and receive recurring email reports.

Monthly Subscription

Sign up for a monthly subscription that fits your needs. No term contract.


Use funnels to see where visitors drop off on a path through your website.

Light & Dark Themes

Choose the light or dark theme based on your preference.  


See how many of your visitors are returning to your site.


See where your visitors click and move their mouse on any of your web pages.

What you need for analytics - we've got it covered.

Top Pages

See a bunch of metrics for your pages, ordered by concurrents and pageviews.


Our easy to use API allows you to track a limitless number of actions.

Globe & Maps

See your visitors by their country of origin, region and city.

Javascript Errors

Automagically track errors that your visitors encounter.


Add your team to our system so you can share your metrics with them.

Business Sense

Understand your website better to better evaluate the performance of your business.

Easy-To-Use API

Track events from anywhere in your application with our easy-to-use API.

GDPR Compliant

Turn tracking on and off with parameters passed to metrics.track

Top Referrers

See the top referrers to your website with crawled information about them.

Visitor Flow

See how traffic flows between different pages on your website.

A/B Testing

Compare different versions of your website to discover the most successful version.

Visitor Profiles

Track "super" properties to build profiles of your visitors, then send them emails.


Mark events as goals, or setup triggers, that align with your business objectives.

Technology Dashboard

See what hardware and software your visitors are using to access your website.

Data Visualization

Access, organize, and visualize your data to suit your business needs.

Filter Internal Traffic

Create IP filters to prevent the tracking of visitors from certain networks.

Get going in 3 steps


Copy and paste this code as the first item into the <head></head> tags of every web page that you want to track.

<script src="//getwebmetrics.com/metrics.js"></script> 

for an account and add your website to your dashboard.


View the dashboard for your website.

Choose your theme

Light Theme

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How are people really using your website?

Are you ready to get started? Add the tracking code to your website, add your website to your account, and then see your dashboard!

Do you want more traffic?
Understand your website better to better evaluate the performance of your business.

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Glossary of web analytics terms
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